The Assessment

James Horak & Friends :

“This was an informal discussion and recorded with some last minute planning due to co coordinating a group of very busy people, at a time that suited all.

I have felt for some time that it was important ti have James discuss with us his thoughts on current events and also tie in and connect with some other topics that have been discussed on his face book wall.

We spoke about the current financial crisis, as well as the explosions in China and of the ongoing catastrophe that is Fukushima.

As always the subject of the EMV’S came up, along with the extended community’s role.

We also talked about split consciousness, the cities of the sea, as well as touching on genetic memory and as always with James a lot more besides.

Please feel free to carry the discussion forward by commenting on the blog and sharing your thoughts and questions with us.

Thank you for your continued support.”

Human Origins, EMVs and E.T. – life # 1

“The true human heritage and history is revealed by James Horak. Six extinctions have already resulted from our mental and moral decline. Only once has a culture survived and they are still on Earth hidden in Antarctica. Humanities present path is heading for the seventh and last extinction if we can not turn around. Los Alamos, Nebraska, Fukushima – the depopulation of this planet by our narcissistic elite has begun.”

From July 7th 2011

State of Affairs on Planet Earth

James Horak, Crystal Clark, Mhairead MacDonald
~ 100th Monkey Radio with Tom and Ramon

….covering Fukushima, censorship, Japan, radiation, China Syndrome, Pacific genocide, Cities of the Seas, mass social programming and Reality Revision, and many, many more interrelated subjects……

Poison Rice & Produce Fukushima Farmers Speak Out!

From 2013 ~ two years after the disaster farmers tell it as it is, on the ground…..despite the airborne radiation measurement and talk of decontamination of the soil the high levels of contamination have not decreased and both working conditions and the foods themselves present high risks…….

Into Eternity

onkalo1“….I would say that you are now in a place where we have buried something from you to protect you and we have taken, um….great pain to be sure that you are protected. We also need you to know that this place should not be disturbed, and we want you to know that this place is not a place for you to live in ~ you should stay away from this place and then you will be safe….”

Deep beneath a granite mountain in Finland a nuclear facility is being constructed, Onkalo, the ‘hiding place’ ~ once finished it must be sealed, for thousands of generations.