Scripted Global Chaos & And Other Unsustainable Reality Revisions

December 2014

A wide ranging discussion about the modus operandi at work in Reality Revisionism and Domination of the Human Domain…..Crystal Clark provides a deeply perceptive and inclusive overview

Destruction of Intelligent Design & Reality Revision

….in this edited presentation of Crystal Clark’s interview on ‘Dale After Dark’ Crystal provides a lucid and comprehensively insightful overview of the manufactured perception management in rollout across our planet. The foundational elements, deliberate implementation and intended consequences of ‘reality revision’ are exposed and explored in some depth, interspersed with evidence and examples of both its falsities and the intents behind them, while supporting an emergent understanding that appreciation of intelligent design encourages as a countermovement in perception and self determination.

See also this article by Crystal at her website….

GeoINT ~ Mastering the Human Domain

Casting a neural net on humanity. Global governance implemented through Ai technology. Predictive management based on trends, personal diagnostics, personal structural awareness and analytics – ” they are working on software that answers questions about users that have never been asked”…….