Frontline Attacks In The War On Our Minds

Note : since this article was posted, after six days of de-listing, g–gle has returned NaturalNews to its database – however, in this statement by Mike Adams he not only makes it clear what his response to g–gle’s reasons for the de-listing is, but further exposes how loaded with bias their actions have been…..

If you google NaturalNews or InfoWars right now the search will return zero hits for these sites – numbering hundreds of thousands of pages of prime information, both Mike Adams and Alex Jones have had the files belonging to their respective online organisations completely wiped from the giant search engine’s database, deliberately. The backstory here reveals a clear attempt to engender division and in-fighting amongst major players in the alt. media and does so through threat and bribery – the ulterior motif is destruction of news and information sources and reportage that does not conform to the ‘official narrative’ or dictates of the MSM and its masters. It’s all part of the ongoing war on ‘truth reporting’, independant journalism and the exposure of the ‘fake news industry’, and is being generated from behind the scenes amongst the shadow realms of the ‘deep state’, their intel arm and globalist outreach. An assualt on sovereignty and sanity, it is building its front lines of attack against the choice and liberty of ordinary individuals worldwide. The architects of this ‘War On Our Minds’ are utilising the well tried and tested obscurantist strategies of propaganda, dis-information and vilification to cloud minds and reduce clarity in choice, and its effectiveness…..this is ‘reality revisionism’ in full swing…..

…….in this short video Mike Adams lays it on the line. No-one has to agree with all he says or how he says it, but, the core of the message here rests upon discernment and the power to choose – that is your choice…..while it lasts.

State of Affairs on Planet Earth

James Horak, Crystal Clark, Mhairead MacDonald
~ 100th Monkey Radio with Tom and Ramon

….covering Fukushima, censorship, Japan, radiation, China Syndrome, Pacific genocide, Cities of the Seas, mass social programming and Reality Revision, and many, many more interrelated subjects……