Symposium For Life – dedicated to Dana Durnford

Five years after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster this symposium opens a new initiative to promote individual and collective action in recognition of the magnitude of this event’s impact upon our planet and the well-being of every living thing upon it. The talk brings together six people who have chosen to act upon this initiative and shows how an open, creative and honest approach can be an effective counter to the misinformation and deception at large around Fukushima and the nuclear threat in our midst.  It is dedicated to one of the most prominent and active proponents of the unacknowledged truths surrounding Fukushima and its ongoing and growing impact, Dana Durnford. Dana’s youtube channel has been closed, his records confiscated and he is subject to a pending court hearing. His case presents an opportunity to raise awareness further and to continue to open the conversation amongst a wider audience, which he himself acknowledges positively – he can be supported through the link below.

Participants : Mhairead MacDonald (moderator), Andrew Ebisu, Lonnie Clark, Billy Johnstone, Patrick McCormack, T. Ackermann.
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