The Assessment

James Horak & Friends :

“This was an informal discussion and recorded with some last minute planning due to co coordinating a group of very busy people, at a time that suited all.

I have felt for some time that it was important ti have James discuss with us his thoughts on current events and also tie in and connect with some other topics that have been discussed on his face book wall.

We spoke about the current financial crisis, as well as the explosions in China and of the ongoing catastrophe that is Fukushima.

As always the subject of the EMV’S came up, along with the extended community’s role.

We also talked about split consciousness, the cities of the sea, as well as touching on genetic memory and as always with James a lot more besides.

Please feel free to carry the discussion forward by commenting on the blog and sharing your thoughts and questions with us.

Thank you for your continued support.”

What Is Primary Water?

In this interview hydrological scientist and geologist Stephan Riess reveals how the Earth makes water and tells of how he originally found ‘primary water’ through his early work as a geological engineer. He was in his 80’s when this interview was recorded, but, his accute and enquiring mind bring a clear understanding of what gives ‘primary’ water its special life enhancing and unique properties….as he says, the hydrological cycle we have become accustomed to is only half the story, essentially describing only the water cycle that pertains above ground. What emerges from the magma beds beneath the Earth’s crust is water of another order….