Technocracy : Caravan to Midnight

John B Wells talks with Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, about the most insidious threat to the liberty and self determinism of each and every individual, family and community present with us now – Patrick’s extensive knowledge and research here offers us a complete overview of the history, development and implimentation of Technocracy…..essential to know in the fight against global slavery and the homogenisation of the human species.

Symposium For Life – dedicated to Dana Durnford

Five years after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster this symposium opens a new initiative to promote individual and collective action in recognition of the magnitude of this event’s impact upon our planet and the well-being of every living thing upon it. The talk brings together six people who have chosen to act upon this initiative and shows how an open, creative and honest approach can be an effective counter to the misinformation and deception at large around Fukushima and the nuclear threat in our midst.  It is dedicated to one of the most prominent and active proponents of the unacknowledged truths surrounding Fukushima and its ongoing and growing impact, Dana Durnford. Dana’s youtube channel has been closed, his records confiscated and he is subject to a pending court hearing. His case presents an opportunity to raise awareness further and to continue to open the conversation amongst a wider audience, which he himself acknowledges positively – he can be supported through the link below.

Participants : Mhairead MacDonald (moderator), Andrew Ebisu, Lonnie Clark, Billy Johnstone, Patrick McCormack, T. Ackermann.
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9/11 – WHO DID IT and HOW : Rebekah Roth talks to Bill Ryan.

……”REBEKAH ROTH is the author of two books: METHODICAL ILLUSION, her first, and a sequel just out, called METHODICAL DECEPTION. And she’s already working on a third.

In my very strong personal opinion, she has the story pretty much exactly right, in a LOT of detail. After all these years, we all need to be listening carefully.

Rebekah was a flight attendant — a highly experienced one — of many years standing. And flight attendants know EXACTLY what could and couldn’t happen on a plane, especially in an emergency.

It’s like we were all waiting all this time, but never knew it, for a very experienced flight attendant to come along and lay it all out for us.

Some of the flight attendants who made the famous cellphone calls on 9/11 — which could of course only have been made from the ground — may very well have left clues in their messages which only another flight attendant would be able to decipher. Whether or not this was intentional on their part, this is just what Rebekah has done.

So in this interview, we hear how the planes were taken over by an installed Flight Termination System, which remotely controls the aircraft, and there’s nothing the pilots can do. In fact, they can’t even communicate, not even with the cabin crew on the other side of the cockpit door. This renders all the pilots quite impotent.

And what did happen that day was that the four planes were remotely flown to Westover Air Base, just 20 minutes away, which has a 10,000′ runway, needed for planes with a heavyload of fuel…. and hangars large enough for C-5 transport planes, far larger than any 757 or 767. In the interview, Rebekah even reads us an affidavit from a local resident, who contacted her after her first book was published, who SAW a United Airlines 757 flying into Westover that morning, so low that she thought it might crash.

Soon after they landed, the planes were hidden in the hangars, the passengers may have been told this was all a drill, a couple of people were picked off each plane, taken to upstairs offices, and they were told what to say on their cellphones. One flight attendant, CeeCee Lyles, can even be heard being told “You did great” at the end of her call.

Basically, it was all scripted. But some of the callers seemed to get their stories confused with one another… almost as if they didn’t really know for sure what plane they were meant to be on, as far as the theater goes. The ugly part of this is that soon after this happened, the passengers would all have been murdered.

There’s even more to this, of course, because the evidence leads us to many places. But that’s the core of Rebekah’s first book, METHODICAL ILLUSION, where all this is laid out in a detail-packed, easy to read novel. Her new book, METHODICAL DECEPTION, goes into the tangled, interconnected labyrinth of who did all this, why, and how. And, it has to be said right up front, that following the evidence faithfully, as Sherlock Holmes would have done, all roads lead to Mossad, and PNAC, the Project for a New American Century.

Some of you may already know much of this. But Rebekah is a fluid, lively and entertaining presenter, and I hope you may enjoy this as much as I did. If you’re keen to know where this may all be going, then jump to nearer the end of the interview where Rebekah shares her concerns about the role of Artificial Intelligence, and the threat of another, much more traumatic false flag event, possibly a nuclear one, in which there may be not nearly so many mistakes made in its execution, and which may be far more destructive and game-changing.

As she says, and I agree, as will many of you — whether this happens or not (or the outcome of such an event, if it does), depends on you, and me, and the number of people who are awake and aware to what is really going on.

Do enjoy this conversation.

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The Assessment

James Horak & Friends :

“This was an informal discussion and recorded with some last minute planning due to co coordinating a group of very busy people, at a time that suited all.

I have felt for some time that it was important ti have James discuss with us his thoughts on current events and also tie in and connect with some other topics that have been discussed on his face book wall.

We spoke about the current financial crisis, as well as the explosions in China and of the ongoing catastrophe that is Fukushima.

As always the subject of the EMV’S came up, along with the extended community’s role.

We also talked about split consciousness, the cities of the sea, as well as touching on genetic memory and as always with James a lot more besides.

Please feel free to carry the discussion forward by commenting on the blog and sharing your thoughts and questions with us.

Thank you for your continued support.”

The Battle Of Chernobyl

“The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (then officially the Ukrainian SSR), which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central authorities of the Soviet Union. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of the western USSR and Europe.

The Chernobyl disaster is widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event (the maximum classification) on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011).

The battle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18 billion rubles.The official Soviet casualty count of 31 deaths has been disputed, and long-term effects such as cancers and deformities are still being accounted for.

It’s a documentary which analyzes the Thursday 26th April 1986 that became a momentous date in modern history, when one of the reactors at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in northern Ukraine, exploded. It was the most significant reactor failure in the history of nuclear power, a Maximum Credible Accident (MCA). The plant, just 20 km away from the town center, was made up of four reactor units each generating an output of 1,000 megawatts. The reactor in question exploded due to operational errors and inadequate safety measures and the meltdown was directly linked to routine testing on the reactor unit’s turbine generators.

The test required reactor activity and the thermal reactor output to be run down to a lower level. During the procedure, however, the reactor plummeted to an unexpectedly low and unstable level of activity. At this point, it should have been shut down; as the operators chose to continue with the test, the events subsequently proved to be catastrophic.

More than 200 people died or were seriously injured by radiation exposure immediately after the explosion. 161,000 people had to be evacuated from a 30 kilometer radius of the reactor and 25,000 square km of land were contaminated. As time went on millions of people suffered radiation related health problems such as leukemia and thyroid cancer and around 4,000 people have died as a result of the long-term effects of the accident.

Nobody was prepared for such a crisis. For the next seven months, 500,000 men will wage hand-to-hand combat with an invisible enemy — a ruthless battle that has gone unsung, which claimed thousands of unnamed and now almost forgotten heroes. Yet, it is thanks to these men that the worst was avoided; a second explosion, ten times more powerful than Hiroshima which would have wiped out more than half of Europe. This was kept secret for twenty years by the Soviets and the West alike.”