Getting Over The Hump – A Fireside Chat With James Horak, Mhairead and Shuny

In this informal conversation James, Mhairead and Shuny cover a wide range of hot current topics, from weather modification, EMVs and EBEs, political corruption and the geopolitical tensions currently playing out in the world to the use of advanced technologies, the reasons behind the unlikelihood of false flag UFO invasion, the elimination of elitism and its globalist caste system and the advances needed to ‘get over the hump‘….a must listen, this video was originally posted at

Frontline Attacks In The War On Our Minds

Note : since this article was posted, after six days of de-listing, g–gle has returned NaturalNews to its database – however, in this statement by Mike Adams he not only makes it clear what his response to g–gle’s reasons for the de-listing is, but further exposes how loaded with bias their actions have been…..

If you google NaturalNews or InfoWars right now the search will return zero hits for these sites – numbering hundreds of thousands of pages of prime information, both Mike Adams and Alex Jones have had the files belonging to their respective online organisations completely wiped from the giant search engine’s database, deliberately. The backstory here reveals a clear attempt to engender division and in-fighting amongst major players in the alt. media and does so through threat and bribery – the ulterior motif is destruction of news and information sources and reportage that does not conform to the ‘official narrative’ or dictates of the MSM and its masters. It’s all part of the ongoing war on ‘truth reporting’, independant journalism and the exposure of the ‘fake news industry’, and is being generated from behind the scenes amongst the shadow realms of the ‘deep state’, their intel arm and globalist outreach. An assualt on sovereignty and sanity, it is building its front lines of attack against the choice and liberty of ordinary individuals worldwide. The architects of this ‘War On Our Minds’ are utilising the well tried and tested obscurantist strategies of propaganda, dis-information and vilification to cloud minds and reduce clarity in choice, and its effectiveness…..this is ‘reality revisionism’ in full swing…..

…….in this short video Mike Adams lays it on the line. No-one has to agree with all he says or how he says it, but, the core of the message here rests upon discernment and the power to choose – that is your choice…..while it lasts.

James Horak Describes the Gigantic Electromagnetic Vehicles in our Solar System

James Horak returns to the airwaves to talk about EMVs, the extended community, our deeper history and place within the solar system and the issues that both prevent us and enable us in fully restoring that place to Earth’s community. This is a comprehensive and wide ranging interview and Mark Snider asks all the right questions. James relates his own story to the bigger picture and the experience of unified consciousness. He also gives us insight into the current state of affairs on planet Earth. There is so much more to discuss, and hopefully this will happen soon, but, this interview deserves more than one listening and to be taken to as wide an audience as possible….enjoy and please share!


Cathy O’Brien continues her important discussion of mind controlling programmes with ‘Dark Journalist’ Daniel Liszt and lays it on the line from the outset. She exposes the extent to which deep state programmes of mind control reach into the public realms, their relation to chemical and drug related agencies and how important their effects are in relation to reclaiming and maintaining our personal liberty. Cathy’s testimony goes deeper as she talks about how coercive the media and entertainment industry is in these programmes, its assault upon the younger generations and the insidious nature of the manipulation and abuse which is now being exposed through government level paedophilia and entrainment. She also talks about her personal struggle to protect her own daughter and deal with her father’s involvement in these covert ops in her own life. At the end of the interview Cathy reveals how elements of mind control are at work in the field of UFOs and covert ‘disclosure’……a fascinating and much needed testimony, Cathy O’Brien’s honesty and courage is an example for us all – don’t miss it!


…….”The CIA lady told us if we did not shut up about Libya we would have no life, at that point we went public. We brought back from Libya with us, 2 Gb of proof of the war crimes committed by Clinton and her NATO partners. We have proof that the Libyan war was started by a lie and was a false flag. We also know that Clinton and Obama have been supplying the terrorists in Libya with arms, money and mercenaries since 2011. We stay in touch daily with the tribes of Libya…..”

There is nothing as powerful as bona fide first hand accounts, whether of the crimes committed against us or ‘in our name’, but, when these crimes involve the outright slaughter of a peaceful and prosperous people you have to take notice – this explosive interview gives the perspective necessary to begin making your own mind up about what really did happen in Benghazi – listen through to the end, its riveting and at times harrowing while being liberating for the endorsed veracity of the ‘truths’ being offered……


Maintaining psychological, emotional and cognitive liberty and health has become one of the most challenging and essential factors in contemporary life – here ‘Dark Journalist’ Daniel Liszt talks with Cathy O’Brien about her experiences in overcoming the effects of the infamous MK-Ultra programme and her personal experience based understanding of its roots within this present challenge. After being groomed at a very young age for inculcation she was subjected to deep roboticising conditioning and used for covert purposes intended to carry out the commands of deep state control and agendas. The story she tells is compelling and needs to be heared and understood…..the times we live in are deeply infected with programming linguistics and agenda driven co-optive strategies, the more their reality is exposed and the more perceptive people become, the easier it becomes to maintain a state of mental and emotional sovereignty, and individual freedom of choice along with it…..Cathy is a strong and brave woman and is bringing much needed insight into the ‘covert’ programming of our times – her books take us into the heart of this necessary knowledge based upon her experience. Here she also shares techniques for release from ptsd and programming and describes their basis and why such mind control is effective. This is the first part of her conversation with DJ…….

Cathy’s books are : Trance-Formation of America; PTSD Time To Heal; Access Denied – her website is