Crystal Clark on GUY NEXT DOOR SPEAKS with Ivan Oyola December 11, 2015.

Drowning in absurdity

12241595_10207770796375091_3191654558559473105_nCrystal Clark on GUY NEXT DOOR SPEAKS with Ivan Oyola December 11, 2015.

We discuss the confluence of multiple globalist agendas, their short term outcomes, and the ultimate inevitability for mankind if current trends prevail and persist.

Direct link to Crystal Clark podcast:…/guy_next_door_speaks_episod…

Please visit Ivan’s website at and listen to some of his other amazing guests and podcasts.


Article:The Roles of Perception Management & Social Engineering in Reality Revisionism 

Article:Unsustainable Reality Revisions & The Order-Out-Of-Chaos Birth

Article:The Winners Write Reality

Article:Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets

Article:Nagalese molecule injected into humans via vaccines

Video:Nagalese and the real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing

Article: HuffPo Academic Invites Civil War with American Gun Owners

Article:Craft Intl Mercenaries Carried Out San Bernadino Shooting

Article:David Cameron branded a lot of people ‘terrorist sympathisers’ and they’re…

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